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    UK Gaming Tours will be hosting 3 seasons of UK only Counter Strike Esports. Each season will host 10 teams competing against one another twice over 5 weeks. Each match will be a Bo2 with the same point system as mainstream football. Each team will be competing for a place at our Playoff/final for a chance to win a share of £10,000!

    Our Season 1 finals will be hosted in the centre of Milton Keynes shopping centre where our top 4 teams will be facing off in front of a live audience. By taking Esports to a mainstream location we hope to attract new entrants to the Esports space and help it resonate with the general consumer. .

    Alongside our Offline finals we will be hosting a gaming exhibition for fans of all ages to try new technology and play new video games. We also intend to educate people on becoming a professional player and other career paths for the esports enthusiast. Our ethos is not just to sell gaming to the public but educate our audience on the benefits of a healthy gaming lifestyle.


    UKGT are hosting 3 seasons of UK CSGO.
    The Season will end with an offline final at a shopping centre
    Season 1 will have a £10,000 Prize Purse.

    More to be announced over the next couple of weeks!

  • Our Dates


    We will be hosting 3 qualification rounds allowing 32 teams each night a chance to qualify for Season 1. Each qualification event will offer the top two teams a spot in our season and we hope to see some grassroots talents coming out of the wood work to compete against the house hold names!

    Qualification 1: January 6th
    Qualification 2: January 7th
    Qualification 3: January 8th

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    Season 1

    Our First season will run between the 17th January and the 16th February offering 5 weeks of competitive action. Each week will run a three-day schedule where we will broad cast two matches per night. Our broadcast nights will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays every week, with a weekly wrap up show on the Friday.

    Season 1: 17th January to 16th February


    Our LAN finals will be hosted in the centre of Milton Keynes shopping centre at the Middleton hall venue starting on the 11th march and ending on the 12th. We are extremely excited to be able to offer our players and fans alike the chance to have an Esports event straight in front of the mainstream consumer.

    Saturday 11th March - Sunday 12th March

  • Fixtures

    Week 1

    Tuesday 17th
    - 7PM: Enemies in Disbelief VS Impulse Gaming

    Wednesday 18th
    - 7PM: CAZ Esports VS Barrage Esports
    - 9PM: Rasta Gaming VS Ufrag Gaming

    Thursday 19th
    - 7PM: OuiOui VS Team Endpoint
    - 9PM: SKUM GAMING VS Enemies in Disbelief

    Week 2

    Tuesday 24th
    - 7PM: Barrage VS Impulse Gaming
    - 9PM: Rasta Gaming VS CEX

    Wednesday 25th
    - 7PM: Team Endpoint VS CAZ Esports
    - 9PM: OuiOui VS Ufrag Gaming

    Thursday 26th
    - 7PM: Enemies in Disbelief VS Barrage Esports
    - 9PM: SKUM GAMING VS Rasta Gaming

    Week 3

    Tuesday 14th
    - 7PM: Impulse Gaming VS Team Endpoint
    - 9PM: CEX VS OuiOui

    Wednesday 15th
    - 7PM: CAZ Esports VS Ufrag Gaming
    - 9PM: Rasta Gaming VS Enemies in Disbelief

    Thursday 16th
    - 7PM: Team Endpoint VS Barrage Esports
    - 9PM: OuiOui VS SKUM GAMING

    Week 4

    Tuesday 21st
    - 7PM: Ufrag Gaming VS Impulse Gaming
    - 9PM: CAZ Esports VS CEX

    Wednesday 22nd
    - 7PM: Enemies in Disbelief VS Team Endpoint
    - 9PM: Rasta Gaming VS OuiOui

    Thursday 23rd
    - 7PM: Barrage Esports VS Ufrag Gaming
    - 9PM: SKUM GAMING VS CAZ Esports

    Week 5

    Tuesday 28th
    - 7PM: Impulse Gaming VS CEX
    - 9PM: OuiOui VS Enemies In Disbelief

    Wednesday 29th
    - 7PM: Ufrag Gaming VS Team Endpoint
    - 9PM: CAZ Esports VS Rasta Gaming

    Thursday 30th
    - 7PM: CEX VS Barrage Esports
    - 9PM: Impulse Gaming VS SKUM GAMING

  • League Table


    Barrage eSports2117
    SKUM Gaming1025
    Impulse Gaming1314
    Enemies in Disbelief0233
    Rasta Gaming0311


    DateTeam 1Score 1Score 2Team 2Map
    17/01/17 19:00 Enemies in Disbelief165Impulse GamingMirage
    17/01/17 20:00 Enemies in Disbelief416Impulse GamingCache
    17/01/17 20:00Barrage eSports165Rasta GamingMirage
    17/01/17 21:00CEX1016SKUM GamingMirage
    17/01/17 21:00Barrage eSports166Rasta GamingCache
    17/01/17 22:00CEX1614SKUM GamingDust 2
    18/01/17 19:00Imperial163Barrage eSportsMirage
    18/01/17 19:00Imperial1611Barrage eSportsCbble
    18/01/17 20:00exceL163Impulse GamingOverpass
    18/01/17 20:00exceL1611Impulse GamingDust 2
    18/01/17 21:00Ufrag165Rasta GamingDust 2
    18/01/17 22:00Ufrag1619Rasta GamingCache
    19/01/17 19:00exceL916EndpointOverpass
    19/01/17 20:00exceL416EndpointCbble
    19/01/17 21:00Enemies in Disbelief1614SKUM GamingCbble
    19/01/17 21:00Imperial916Impulse GamingMirage
    19/01/17 22:00Enemies in Disbelief1316SKUM GamingDust 2
    19/01/17 22:00Imperial1922Impulse GamingMirage
    24/01/17 19:00Barrage eSports1614Impulse GamingMirage
    24/01/17 19:00CEX716UfragDust 2
    24/01/17 20:00Barrage eSports169Impulse GamingOverpass
    24/01/17 20:00CEX1610UfragOverpass
    24/01/17 21:00Rasta Gaming616CEXMirage
    24/01/17 22:00Rasta Gaming316CEXCache
    25/01/17 19:00Imperial716EndpointNuke
    25/01/17 20:00Imperial616EndpointNuke
    25/01/17 20:30Enemies in Disbelief1116CEXMirage
    25/01/17 21:00Ufrag1416exceLOverpass
    25/01/17 21:30Enemies in Disbelief516CEXTrain
    25/01/17 22:00Ufrag1316exceLDust 2
    26/01/17 19:00Enemies in Disbelief1917Barrage eSportsMirage
    25/01/17 20:00Enemies in Disbelief616Barrage eSportsCbble
    25/01/17 21:00Rasta Gaming1116SKUM GamingMirage
    25/01/17 21:00Imperial1610Enemies in DisbeliefTrain
    25/01/17 22:00Rasta Gaming616SKUM GamingCbble
    25/01/17 22:00Imperial1613Enemies in DisbeliefMirage
    14/02/17 19:00Impulse Gaming716EndpointDust 2
    14/02/17 20:00Impulse Gaming1316EndpointDust 2
    14/02/17 21:00exceL1216CEXMirage
    14/02/17 22:00exceL1116CEXOverpass
    14/02/17 22:00Imperial10UfragDEFAULT
    14/02/17 22:00Imperial10UfragDEFAULT
  • Contacts

    • Pop-up Esports Limited, The Coach House, Powers Court, Russell Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5QA
    • info@ukgt.co.uk

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